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Guinevre Launcelot will be setting the trends at Run Your Way this July with their innovative luxury-clothing designs. This independent brand is the groundbreaking creation of two exceptional designers, Meiki and Hailey, whose aptitudes for creativity, style and originality are encompassed within their distinctive fashion. Meiki and Hailey embrace the original and use fashion as a form of expression, which carries emotion and dialogue. Each piece tells a story

and is embedded with the designers’ ideals, sensibilities and backgrounds originating in Japan and South Korea. The designs are brimming with character and are an infusion of personalities, from the connate; embedded with philosophy, meaning and religion, to the stylistic comment on gender. Each provides cutting-edge trend for the ultimate high-fashion luxury piece.

Using natural Mulberry silk fibres and the latest printing technology they fuse together fashion, art and technology in a pioneering way. Their collection will showcase their latest innovations in fashion, featuring a range of ready to wear clothing items for the bold fashionista. These pieces are made to stand out and embrace originality. They feature bold patterns, loud colour and structured fits. Designed to blur gender divides, the clothes are made for both men and women to embrace the unique. Each is innovative, high-fashion trend that blends avant-garde creative vision and oriental philosophy.

This fashion is exciting, daring and completely unique. The concept behind their designs is a harmonious combination of religious imagery; the romance of oriental culture and serene innovation through technology. The two designers have carefully thought out every aspect and process involved in creating this fashion to shape a mesmerising and courageous brand. The artistic logo is full of meaning, and has been created to define the values of the brand. It is featured on a number of designs and is an example of the designers’ ingenuity and culture. They have infused the values of Buddhism with the watching eye in the Lord of the Rings to create the ‘Peacock Feather Eye’. The attention they give to each detail is an accolade to the meticulous care and thought that goes in to every garment made by the innovative designers. Everything about this brand is exciting and different, and we can’t wait to see them set the trend on the runway.

Keep an eye out for further announcements and more featured designers at RYW SS16.

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