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Run Your Way into Wonderland with White Rabbit Apparel

Get ready to head down the rabbit hole as we follow the mesmerizingly unique fashion of White Rabbit Apparel who will be showcasing their collection of men and women’s clothing and accessories on the runway. These individual designs appeal to a number of cultures and lifestyles and we can’t wait for our fashionstas to see them at the show. Believing life’s greatest escapisms are books and style, White rabbit Apparel was created as a unique brand based on the beautiful world of Alice in Wonderland with a vibe ready to take our audience down the rabbit hole.

WRA have a mantra of ‘get up and be who you want to be today, project what you want to project’, and with this they have created more than a fashion brand. WRA are a brand that connects to a generation by embracing individuality and encouraging unique style. Their values are based upon living in the moment and not taking life too seriously. By stepping down the Rabbit hole with White rabbit apparel, you can be comfortable in who you are, radiate your unique energy and be completely individual.

White Rabbit Apparel was founded by the exceptionally talented designer, Carly, who began with just a sewing machine and a bedroom floor. Using her creative innovation, fierce imagination and radiant energy, Carly has built her brand up as one to follow and is now worn by the likes of music genius, Rudimental. As well as the brands ready to wear collection, WRA also offer bespoke services, where they can turn your fashion idea in to a reality.

The quality, imagination and fierce individuality of White Rabbit Apparel, make this unique brand one to watch at Fashion Show MK and we can’t wait to follow them down the rabbit hole on the night!

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