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Mad FX Clothing to showcase their artistic designs at Fashion Show MK

Calling all male fashionistas as this April, Fashion Show MK will introduce the ultra stylish men’s label, Mad FX Clothing, to the runway. Showcasing their eclectic designs, Mad FX bring a collection of casual style t-shirts and accessories with enough edge and creativity to steal the show. Founded by school buddies, Maurice Maison and Sam Pummell In 2014, Mad FX Clothing is making huge tracks in the independent fashion industry for its original, eclectic pieces.

Maurice and Sam have combined their array of life experiences together with their passion for art and eye for fashion to create a high-style brand with serious edge. Their artistic talents and enthusiasm for their clothing have crafted a unique brand that oozes individuality and charisma.

This is the label to be seen in if you want to stand out in a style. Each unique piece from Mad FX is styled out with an innovative design, from metallic King Kong’s to retro pop art, creating fresh street style to be seen in. Each one has been carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, to create a truly unique fashion piece - and no costs are spared when it comes to quality. As an independent brand, these boys are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of design and material for each piece of clothing they create.

This up and coming label is truly one of a kind, from the men behind the brand to the artistic fashion that they design, and we can’t wait to see their fresh styles on the runway.

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