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Here's what to expect at Love Yourself Expo...

The prep for Christmas has started and if you're anything like us, your diet has gone out the window, whilst we indulge in a mince pie or two! It's also Party season and with that comes a lot of Champagne and tempting nibbles! So with a month of festivities ahead, it's no doubt we will welcome January and the new year with a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

So why not kickstart 2019 by attending the Love Yourself Expo!

This Expo is the first of it's kind in Milton Keynes and with Mental Health awareness on the rise, it's never been more necessary to highlight the importance of loving yourself. Lots of professionals are now becoming 'Life Coaches' and the wellbeing sector is growing vastly, which makes this type of event appealing to all age groups, male or female.

The all-day event starts at 10am and will continue through to 5pm. Throughout the day you can expect a series of guest speakers from counselling, mindset and life coaching backgrounds who will each cover a topic of their choice.

Fitness Demonstrations will be taking place from leading fitness professionals in exercises such as Pilates, Yoga and more... where you are welcome to join in!

Surrounding the event space at MK Dons, will be stalls retailing amazing products from companies within Wellbeing, Nutrition, Lifestyle & more...

As if that isn't enough, we have also got a fashion show where our fabulous models will showcase men and women's gym wear.

We have been extremely busy behind the scenes and managed to get everything booked up! So if your business is relevant to the world of helping people love themselves, and you would like to participate in the expo, then please be quick as we are down to our last few stalls! Please email for more information.

If you are thinking about attending this expo, then please get your tickets here:

There is x3 windows for attendees to book:




The reason for this is because the event space has a limited capacity and as our speakers, demos and catwalks will feature specific people and brands, we want to ensure that everyone gets to see what they have come for!

The timings of speakers and fitness demonstrations will go live on our website very soon. If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive this information, please email

Ticket costs are £7 per person. This includes £5 admission and £2 of this will be donated to Mind Mental Health Charity, who will also be at the event on the day.

We hope you can join us and let's work together to ensure that 2019 is a happy, healthy, positive year for all of us.

Thank you,

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