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Love Yourself Expo Launch Review

Love Yourself Expo is an exhibition created for the Health & Wellbeing industry to network, showcase their products/services, gain content & photography for Social Media Marketing and generate sales. At GM Events, we know the importance of Sales & Marketing for businesses and our aim is to provide a unique platform, which is why we host events in different industry sectors.

The "Love Yourself" brand first stemmed from Gem Media owner Gemma Burnikell, who realised business owners need much more than Marketing, they need Positive Mindsets, Wellbeing advice and ultimately need to look after themselves for success within their business. To offer support other than Marketing & Events, Gemma is currently studying a Life Coaching & Counselling course to provide valuable tips and help facilitate change. Since exploring Life Coaching, Gemma believes that more people need to open their mind to Wellness and what better timing then the start of the year!

So January 2019, GM Events worked towards Gemma's vision of having a room full of Health & Wellbeing businesses exhibiting, a line-up of fabulous guest speakers, a few fitness demo's and a brief fitness clothing fashion show.

Love Yourself Expo featured the following stalls:


Activewear Brasil

Blossom Yogawear

Ayles Massage Therapy

Gamechanger Kitchen


Kinfolk Reflexology

Neals Yard Remedies

Miller and Keane

Naturally Tribal

Protein Chef


The Fab Practice

Willow Yoga


Body & Mind Botanicals



Simply LV Beauty & Skincare

Our lovely models featured the activewear from Active Brasil & Blossom Yoga wear.

We had fun, entertaining & energetic fitness demo's from Pilates with Lauren and Dancehall exercises with Mash It Up Fitness by Alicja Blachut.

Then, throughout the day we had guest speakers;

Tanya Cox

Nicole Goodman

Ruth Crawford

Charlotte Eastham

Ali Moore

Amanda Mountney

Mark Sleight

The Guest speakers covered areas such as Body Positivity, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Self-Love and Mental Health. (If you are in need of some therapy, counselling or a coach, then please feel free to email us and we can put you in touch with one of the speakers who can help you).

Like any first time event, there were some flaws and moving forward there is improvements to be made, however as an overview, we are extremely pleased how this event went and the support we received.

Our attendees really enjoyed themselves and relaxed!

Thank you to everyone who helped us achieve the Love Yourself Expo. Watch out for the release dates for the next one!

Love Yourself Expo - helping us live a happier, healthy lifestyle.

For all enquiries or to join the next event, please email

Follow us on Instagram for updates - @loveyourselfexpomk

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