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James Virgo Brings his Unique Accessories to the Runway

GM Events is excited to announce that immensely talented artist and designer, James Virgo, will be joining us once again for round two of the Run Your Way Fashion Show.

For those who missed out on this exciting brand at the first event, James Virgo specialises in unisex bowties handcrafted from metalwork. His collection fuses together fashion and art, creating truly unique accessories that create a seriously stylish and wholly individual look. Ideal for the fashionista who wants to stand out from the crowd, these accessories won’t be found anywhere else.

James is an inventor. He has a wealth of experience in crafting and foundry and has used his skills to create innovative designs including sculptures, home accessory and his popular fashion items, the Bow Tie. James draws his inspiration from all of life’s rich experiences, whether a sight, smell or piece of music – every detail has been carefully crafted with the upmost care and consideration. Each piece tells a story and emulates the artist’s originality and creative genius.

Our SS/16 guests marvelled at James Virgo’s unique collection in July and this November our lucky audience will be seeing these stunning pieces modelled on the runway, ready to inspire with outfit ideas and styles. We can’t wait to celebrate this wonderfully creative fashion with James Virgo’s newest creations at the next show.

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