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The Runway becomes ‘The Design Hub’ at Fashion Show MK

Run Your Way embraces all styles, designs and cultures and we’re super excited to be adding some Indian sparkle to the mix with ‘The Design Hub’ at Run your Way next week. The Design Hub specialise in made to measure, traditional Indian outfits with an Indo Western twist. This is elegant clothing that makes a statement. With unique styles and bold colours, prepare to be mesmerised as our models fashion out these stunning garments on the runway.

The Design Hub was founded by Vandana, with a view to blend the beauty and passion of traditional Indian craft and culture with modern style. Each garment is adorned with traditional Indian motifs and designs and made to perfection with top quality fabrics. The creativity and precision that goes in to every outfit makes this a top quality brand oozing luxurious charm.

The elegant styles, attractive fits and innovative persona of The Design Hub allows you to stand out of from crowd in the stunningly original indo-Western style that Vandana has created. We are so excited to have ‘The Design Hub’ on the Runway and we know these outfits will take your breath away!

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