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Wheel and Thread bring Innovative Style to Fashion Show MK

At Fashion Show MK we celebrate fashion with meaning, innovation in design and the truly unique. We believe that fashion is about more than aesthetics; it is about the people behind the brand and the stories that they tell through their designs. This is exactly what up and coming London brand ‘Wheel and Thread’ are doing for the world of fashion and we are excited to announce that they will be showcasing their innovative collection for men and women at Fashion Show MK this April.

The collection is made up from a range of retro trucker hats, each uniquely branded with Wheel and Thread’s distinctive logos. The cool, casual styles are the ideal streetwear and statement fashion pieces. The trucker hat has made a comeback and with Wheel and Thread’s original pieces you can support meaningful fashion whilst looking on point.

Inspired by the old ways and innovating the new, Wheel and Thread pride themselves on being a home grown, British heritage brand, built on quality and meaning. Each piece has a story to tell. Their signature logo, the spinning wheel, is a celebration and appreciation of Britain’s textile heritage and the hard workers in the textile industry during the industrial revolution. The brand’s story is about the people behind the wheel, who would put incredibly long hours in to their work to ensure high quality every time.

Taking their inspiration from this dedication to quality, Wheel and Thread strive to produce the highest quality garments & apparel for their customers and are prepared to put in how ever many hours it takes to change the game as they know it. From their manufacturers to their embroiderers, the attention to detail that is put in to every element of these designs demonstrates their passion for their brand and the people who wear it.

These unique hats give meaning to an outfit, with on point style that supports British heritage, quality and innovative fashion. The brand is dedicated to being different and not conforming to normal fashion trends, with one of these hats you have an accessory that is truly one of a kind. See them on the runway at Fashion Show MK and buy your favourites from the show at the Wheel and Thread stand on the night.

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